Men versus women: The battle of the sexes

‘Men versus women’ remains one of the most debated topics in our society.We all times try to prove the dominance of one gender over other, even our ancestors were not behind us when it comes to determining which gender is superior.

Both the sexual category have their particular benefits and shortcomings.Some of the differences get out of bed due to the physiology of men and women body, while other are just commonly believed myths.

Now let’s take a look at some common beliefs and try to understand science behind them……


Women love shopping…



These day people have more access to store than ever before. The demand for products and services are increasing on an incredible scale.

Whenever we think about shopping first thing appear in our mind is a picture of women running toward the shopping malls with lots of shopping bags.It is a generalization to say women love shopping.We all love discounts, but especially women.No matter where they go for shopping, women always ask for more discount on products, after all, no one can defeat women in bargaining.

Is there is any science behind why women love shopping?……

Yes, women are hedonic shoppers, means they do not shop to get something done.Instead of that, shopping gives good social experience to them. Shopping also helps them to relieve from anxiety.

Do the men hate shopping?…….

No,  they just don’t care about any social interaction.They are a utilitarian shopper.

Men do love shopping, but instead of traditional in-store shopping, they prefer e-commerce more.On average it is found that men do online shopping more frequently than women do. Men will always try to avoid any social interaction during shopping are far as possible for them.

[stextbox id=’info’ caption=’Amazing fact’ collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” shadow=”false” color=’000000′ ccolor=’000000′ bgcolor=’fafad4′ cbgcolor=’fcf6bd’ bgcolorto=’fafad4′ cbgcolorto=’fcf6bd’]Last year, when Amazon’s site went down for 49 minutes, the company missed sales of approximately  $ 6 million.[/stextbox]

Men are physically stronger than women…

man with muscle

Men produce ten times more testosterone than women.Testosterone is an essential hormone for building muscle mass. It increases muscle protein synthesis.Men muscle slightly stronger than women muscles.

Men have great fast-twitch fiber to slow twitch fiber ratio. Fast twitch fibers are responsible for more muscular strength by generating a high amount of force.Men’s  muscle is built to carry and lift.

strong woman

Women are 52% to 66% as strong as men in upper and lower body respectively. Women have a less lean muscle mass than men do. Woman body is good in storing fats, due to the hormone estrogen.The extra fat is essential for childbearing.

On average women are not as strong as men, because their body is for a different purpose, mainly include childbearing.


[stextbox id=’info’ caption=’Amazing fact’ collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” shadow=”false” color=’000000′ ccolor=’000000′ bgcolor=’fafad4′ cbgcolor=’fcf6bd’ bgcolorto=’fafad4′ cbgcolorto=’fcf6bd’]If all 600 muscle in our body pulled in one direction, you could lift 25 tons.[/stextbox]


Women are more emotional than men…

women emotion


We have emotions because they help us to built relationships and bind communities. According to an evolutionary point of view, it also helps the human race to survive.

Are women more emotional than men?

There is no exact answer to this question.Major studies found no difference in the level of emotion in both the gender. Still, some theories claim that men and women do show some significant difference. The present study on human emotion reported that women show higher arousal in the situation of sadness.

Our society often concluded the result depends on our social observation. Men taught from an earlier age that they need to be strong, confident and stoic. Because of this many times, they suppress their emotion to show more aggressive behavior.

Since we are social animals, we always want society to accept us. Because of this men find it hard to express their emotions, while women find it easier to express their emotions.

[stextbox id=’info’ caption=’Amazing fact’ collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” shadow=”false” color=’050500′ ccolor=’000000′ bgcolor=’fafad4′ cbgcolor=’fcf6bd’ bgcolorto=’fafad4′ cbgcolorto=’fcf6bd’]Anger can make you sick. A 2009 study showed that angry people are more risk for heart attacks.[/stextbox]


Women are better at multitasking than men…

mutitasking women

Multitasking is a concept of performing multiple tasks at same time. Multitasking is nearly impossible for any human. So Rather than saying multitasking, it would be better to say that switching quickly between tasks.

Women have been shown to have a consistently stronger short term or working memory than men.Women are capable of holding more information about tasks at once in their short term memory storage, which offers them good coordination while switching between tasks.

[stextbox id=’info’ caption=’Amazing fact’ collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” shadow=”false” color=’0f0f02′ ccolor=’000000′ bgcolor=’fafad4′ cbgcolor=’fcf6bd’ bgcolorto=’fafad4′ cbgcolorto=’fcf6bd’]Only 2% of people can multitask successfully.[/stextbox]

Women love to wear makeup…


Women spend massive sums on cosmetics.The average revenue of the cosmetic industry in united states in the year 2016 is reported to be nearly  62.46 billion U.S. dollars. It shows that women love to do makeup very much.

For women, beyond attractiveness, makeup also helps them to look healthier. Wearing makeup gives them more confidence in society.

Men also do makeup, but they do not have many options compared to women. In most cases wearing makeup shows opposite result. Therefore all guys prefer to stay away from makeup as possible as they can.

[stextbox id=’info’ caption=’Amazing fact’ collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” shadow=”false” color=’000000′ ccolor=’000000′ bgcolor=’fafad4′ cbgcolor=’fcf6bd’ bgcolorto=’fafad4′ cbgcolorto=’fcf6bd’]The most common injury caused by makeup is scratching the eye with a mascara wand.[/stextbox]

Who’s smartest, men or women?…


 Both sexes are capable of equivalent intellectual performance. In general intelligence, men and women both performed almost same.

Women brain is 8%-13% smaller in volume than men’s, but their frontal and parietal regions of cerebral cortex are more folded. Results, a larger surface area of brain packed into the skull. Women are good in verbal skills and social intelligence. They have more neural interconnections between left and right hemispheres, which play a vital role in women intellectual performance.

Women have a stronger short term or working memory. Brain study shows that different brain neural wiring may be responsible for short term memory difference both sexes.

Men have more connections from front to back in both hemispheres.  They show good spatial awareness and also show good performance in logical tasks.The brain region called the inferior parietal lobule is significantly larger overall in men, it helps in improving mathematical ability.

Women also show good performance in mathematics. Maryam Mirzakhani was the first women to win the Fields Medal, which is often called Nobel prize of mathematics. She is an excellent example of progress of women in mathematics.

[stextbox id=’info’ caption=’Amazing fact’ collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” shadow=”false” color=’0d0202′ ccolor=’000000′ bgcolor=’fafad4′ cbgcolor=’fcf6bd’ bgcolorto=’fafad4′ cbgcolorto=’fcf6bd’]Brain game won’t make you more intelligent it only improves memory and attention.[/stextbox]


men and women equality

Evolution of human is responsible for the difference in the ability of both genders. It helps to increase efficiency in the development of human civilization.

Social pressure and difference in the physiology of the body, are the core aspects responsible for a gender gap in human society. In spite of all this, women have made very significant contributions in every field.

Despite all this knowledge, we will never give up on discrimination. If seen from a different perspective, then it is quite funny, isn’t it?……..

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