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Increase Operational Efficiency

Simplify the Software Supply Chain

Overcome the complexity of supply chain processes with automated workflows, electronic software distribution and seamless integration with back-office applications.

back office

Integrate with back office systems

Eliminate time-consuming manual data entry and human error with fast and accurate license tracking capabilities.


Automate product delivery processes

Automate and optimize delivery of software for on-premise, embedded and IoT products.

remote activity

Enable remote activation for any product

Activate your software products on any device for any user on any device. located at any site or place.

online updates

Deliver online product updates

Keep your users up-to-date with the latest features, enhancements and software release versions.

software downloads

Enable electronic software downloads

Automate and optimize delivery of software for any product or products line via a fully branded portal.

licensing operations

Centralize licensing operations

Consolidate all your licensing management activities on a unified on-premise, cloud or hybrid licensing platform.

Reduce Operational Overhead

Reduce software licensing and distribution costs significantly by eliminating the need for dedicated and costly staff overhead.

  • Consolidate multiple licensing systems
    Manage all your legacy and third party licensing applications into a single and unified licensing management platform.
  • Reallocate resources to core business
    Eliminate the need for homegrown licensing developers and focus your investment on development of your core business.
  • Reduce software delivery costs
    Transform your business with digital downloads for all your software product releases and updates.
  • Deploy online self-service support
    Deliver a wide range of online global customer support services via an intuitive branded web portal.
  • Manage multiple product variants
    Reduce your SKUs and increase your flexibility with tailored software centric product variants.
  • Create software-centric business processes
    Support the entire software licensing supply chain with integrated and automated workflows.

Minimize Business Risk

Protect your licensing investment with full compliance to regulatory requirements and data security standards.

Revenue Opportunities

Long term product strategy
Make sure your licensing solution can support evolving business models for new products in new markets.

Continuous ongoing investment
Deploy a licensing solution with a proven long term commitment to development of new features and capabilities.

Compliant with industry security standards
Ensure your licensing solution complies with leading industry standards and best practices.

Ensure Business Continuity

Make sure your software licensing platform is ready to meet evolving business needs, operational requirements, and service level expectations now and in the future.


Unlimited product scalability

Scale your licensing infrastructure to support multiple product variants and any volume of users.


Enterprise grade SaaS offering

Utilize a ready-to-use cloud based licensing environment with high availability and unlimited scalability.


Four 9s SLA uptime

Deliver reliable 99.99% uptime with low downtime and fast recovery time to ensure continued productivity.


Frequent product updates

Keep your users up-to-date with in-app push notifications and automated product updates.

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We decided that Thales was the right partner


Saura Naim,
Sr. Director, Enterprise Business Operations and Transformation


Thales were able to show us that they had done this before

Vince Jannelli,
AVP, Software Product Management


Thales help us to harmonize the IT component of how we drive licensing

Jeroen Peeters,
Business Transformation Consultant


We have to move on to the next phase

Bill Graber,
Marketing Director, Trimble Navigation

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