Access Management

access pointsEnsure the right user has access to the right resource at the right level of trust.
Can you answer the questions:

Who accessed what and when? How was their identity verified?

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The Need for Access Management in a blurry IT Perimeter

By default, user identities are distributed among cloud applications, virtual environments, networks and web portals. With no central access management strategy, businesses of all sizes lose precious security and productivity:

  • Organizations become increasingly vulnerable to data breaches arising from compromised identities
  • IT administration overheads rise due to inefficient identity management procedures
  • User productivity drops due to password fatigue and password resets
  • Lack of visibility into cloud access events impedes regulatory compliance

cloud access managementCloud access management solutions have emerged to address these challenges, and enable secure cloud adoption in the enterprise through several key functionalities:

  • Simplified cloud access with?cloud single sign on (cloud SSO)
  • Optimized security with granular access policies
  • Scalability enabled by centralized management
  • Improved compliance through visibility into cloud access events

Learn more about SafeNet Trusted Access:

cyber security

SafeNet Trusted Access has been awarded the 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Award for best Identity and Access Management product, recognized as:

  • An Identity and Access Management industry leader that supports a broad range of authentication methods including PKI
  • A smart SSO provider with an SSO and authentication offer applied per policy
  • An innovator: Thales Trusted Access provides use-case based policy setting with a multi-dimensional scenario-driven approach, suited to real-life use-cases


Real Estate Development Co. Ensures Secure Access with SafeNet Trusted Access


Extending PKI Smart Cards to Cloud and Web Access Management - Solution Brief

Law Firm lifts the Fog over Cloud App Security with SafeNet Trusted Access - Case Study

Real Estate Development Company Ensures Secure Cloud Access with Thales's SafeNet Trusted Access

IAM Webinars


Demo of SafeNet Trusted Access

Join the demo webinar of SafeNet Trusted Access, and see how simple and easy it is to manage access to all your cloud apps.

Developing and implementing risk-based access policies

Developing and implementing risk-based access policies to match IAM strategies

To build effective risk-based access policies, you need to start with a living IAM strategy that takes into account geolocation, threats, unusual behavior and scenario based data. Learning how.

Trends in IAM: The Consumerization of Enterprise Security

Trends in IAM: The Consumerization of Enterprise Security

Gemalto surveyed 1,000 IT decision makers to compile the 2018 Identity and Access Management Index. This webinar shares the key findings that will shape cybersecurity and the way enterprise IT professionals evaluate and implement access management technology.

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5 Things to Check in an Access Management solutions

Before you choose Microsoft – 5 Things to Check in an Access Management solution

Organizations with Microsoft environments are inclined to implement Microsoft’s native access management solutions (namely, Azure AD and AD FS). Join this webinar to learn the things you need to consider before implementing Microsoft’s access management solutions.

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What is an Identity Provider (IdP) and Do You Need One?

What is an Identity Provider (IdP) and Do You Need One?

The explosion of cloud-based applications is making IT and security professionals rethink their cloud identity management strategy. Learn how deploying an Identity Provider enables Single Sign-On, compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS and reduced management overheads.

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Thales is a proud member of the Identity Defined Security Alliance, a group of identity and security vendors, solution providers and practitioners that acts as an independent source of education and information on identity centric security strategies. The IDSA facilitates community collaboration to create a body of knowledge providing organizations with practical guidance, implementation best practices and validated solutions to reduce the risk of a breach.

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