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Cloud Key Management Solutions

Controlling Crypto in the Cloud

Cryptography provides a means for protecting and controlling data wherever it exists. However, when cryptography is used, the risk is transferred from the content of the data, to the cryptographic keys used to protect that data.

Thales's?cloud key management solutions enable you to control your keys and thereby run more sensitive data and workloads in the cloud securely.

Now encryption and key management in the cloud provide the same high-grade protections as if it were fully on-premises, enabling organizations of all types to reach new levels of efficiency and security.

Our Thales Cloud Key Management Solutions:

Thales Network HSM

Thales Network HSMs

Thales Network Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) provide high assurance protection for cryptographic keys used by applications across cloud-enabled as well as on-premises environments. With Thales Network HSMs, organizations can protect the entire key-lifecycle on a centralized platform, accelerate cryptographic operations, and leverage a single point of audit for cryptographic keys.

crypto command center

Thales Crypto Command Center

With Thales Crypto Command Center, you can easily provision and monitor?Thales HSMs?from one secure, central location. This allows you to deliver on-demand, elastic key vaulting and encryption services for data protection in minutes instead of days while maintaining full control of your encryption services and data, consistently enforcing policies, and clearly defining key ownership across your IT infrastructure.

Four reasons customers love Thales cloud cryptography solutions

  1. Data protection anywhere.?Certified to protect keys, Thales data protection solutions prevent unwanted access to keys, and thereby also the data that is protected by those keys, no matter the environment, and even by third-party cloud infrastructure providers.
  2. Complete control.?We enable you to own and control your encryption keys in any environment to prove you have complete control of all of your keys, and therefore the data too. This helps achieve and/or maintain compliance with mandates such as PCI DSS.
  3. Cloud agnostic.?Supporting many deployment scenarios, from on-premises data centers to private, hybrid, public, and multi-cloud environments, Thales provides a tremendous amount of flexibility as it enables customers to move keys in and out of cloud environments.
  4. Scalability.?We make it easy for you and your organization and its developers to optimize infrastructure without the need to customize applications to support a multi-cloud deployment scenario.

Benefit from a proven cryptographic security solution and maintain complete ownership of your keys while realizing the cost, flexibility and performance advantages of the cloud.

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Thales's hardware security modules address a current gap in the market for encryption and key management. Enterprises that are looking to move more resources to the cloud are realizing the need for encryption and key management, but often lack the resources to deploy and manage their own encryption key management infrastructure. With Thales HSMs, enterprises of all sizes can maintain control of their sensitive keys while taking advantage of the benefits the cloud provides.

Garrett Bekker

Senior Security Analyst at 451 Research
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