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Enterprise Data Protection Solutions

Sensitive data is everywhere. In a climate of advanced threats and breaches, dense virtualization and multi-cloud deployments, evolving regulatory mandates, and accelerating mobility,?enterprise data protection solutions?allow organizations to secure and control their sensitive information while improving efficiencies—even in the most complex environments.

Thales's Identity and Data Protection solutions offer a complete portfolio of encryption, multi-factor authentication, and key management solutions that extend protection and ownership across the lifecycle of sensitive data, as it is created, accessed, shared, stored and moved. From the datacenter to the cloud, enterprises can remain protected, compliant and in control, no matter where their business takes them.?

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Data Protection Solutions

Protect Your Data

Thales helps organizations move past silo constrained encryption and crypto management to centrally and uniformly deploy data protection solutions across the enterprise that scales as needs grow, while effectively controlling security policies and securing the breach—in the cloud and on-premises.

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Data Protection Use Cases

Encryption & Key Management Portfolio

Data at Rest Encryption

Data in Motion Encryption

Encryption Key Management

Hardware Security Module Portfolio

SafeNet General Purpose HSMs

Transaction & Payment HSMs

Identity Protection Solutions

Control Access to Your Data

Thales allows organizations to adapt their business and security needs to meet the challenges of cloud, mobility, and escalating threats with an award-winning suite of multi-factor authentication solutions that offer flexible and simplified service delivery, a wide range of authentication methods, and federated login capabilities to address numerous use cases, assurance levels, and threat vectors.

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Identity Protection Use Cases

Multi-Factor Authentication Portfolio

Authentication Management


Cloud Data Security Solutions

Secure Your Data in the Cloud

Thales solutions provides centralized, enterprise-ready identity and data protection across all on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. Centralized and proven multi-factor authentication, encryption, and enterprise key management ensures organizations can control access to cloud-based applications, secure sensitive data wherever it goes, prove ownership of keys, and secure them in shared environments—minimizing risk.

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Cloud Data Security Use Cases

Cloud Data Security Products

Beyond Enterprises: Solutions by Industry

Beyond Enterprises: Industry-Specific Data Protection Solutions

Offering solutions that are industry-specific, Thales is able to serve the particular requirements of our customers, protecting the world’s leading organizations in finance, retail, healthcare, and more.

Financial Data Security

Thales?is the market leader in financial data security for the world’s largest financial institutions protecting over 80% of the world’s fund transfers, providing transaction security for five of the world’s largest central banks.

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Healthcare Information Security

With Thales solutions, healthcare organizations achieve and maintain compliance by protecting sensitive data, such as patient records, medical transactions, and intellectual property for pharmaceutical and medical patents.

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Retail Data Security

Retailers utilize Thales solutions to secure customer data inside their organizations and achieve compliance with all retail data privacy mandates.

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Government Data Security

Thales is trusted by governments across the world to secure mission critical information, control access, ensure data ownership, and safeguard communications.

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Data Protection for Service Providers

Scalable authentication and encryption as-a-Service solutions for increasing ARPU and reducing operational costs, all while simplifying operations and maintaining compliance.

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"Both within our own internal operations and within our FinQloud offering, maximizing security of sensitive data is a critical mandate. Thales data protection capabilities are part of FinQloud, which helps us meet our industry’s stringent security and compliance objectives."

- Adam Honoré, Managing Director, FinQloud

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NASDAQ OMX - HSM - Case Study

To deliver a cloud solution that is viable for the financial services market, NASDAQ OMX needed to ensure a host of stringent security policies and compliance mandates would be addressed. By leveraging Thales HSMs, NASDAQ OMX has been able to provide maximum security of the...

Breached Companies Face Rising Legal Challenges from Young Consumers

Key Points/Stats from this Infographic: 67% of 18-24 years olds would take legal action if personal details were stolen 93% across all ages, blame businesses for data breaches and would think about acting against them if affected personally. 66% are unlikely to shop/do...

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IDC Report Analyzes Business Impact of Encryption

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 Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan Encryption and Data Protection Technology Leadership

Frost and Sullivan presented Thales with the Technology Leadership award, as the company demonstrating uniqueness in developing and leveraging new technologies that significantly impacts...

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